Girls, Attractive women of GAG, if an ugly but somewhat funny guy is interested, would you rather have him call you on a date or not even try?

I feel like Im so inferior to her, yet I still feel like she'd accept going out with me, at least to give me a try. Should I go for it or back off?

  • Call me, I dont care much for looks
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  • Try it, even if I dont want you, I'll respect you more
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  • I feel divided
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  • Dont try it, I'd feel awkward rejecting you
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  • Dont even think about it
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  • See results
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What Girls Said 3

  • Go for it!!!

  • For me, it's A.

  • I'm sure you've seen plenty of couples with a disparity in how good looking each partner is. It happens all of the time. There's a good chance that if she likes being around you enough, she will accept/have interest. Personally, I had a 3 year relationship with a guy I found to be pretty unattractive at first , but after getting to know him it didn't matter to me, and I started to find little weird things about him cute. Just do it.