I like two guys bestfriends and appearently both of them like me back, What should I do?

A month ago i had a crush on two guys and they're are like the inseperable best friends, both of them have the same qualities, both are equally good looking etc. however, all of us went out a week ago along with my best friend and i asked her to help me pick. One of them paid his attention to me, the other one was somehow flirting with my best friend and so i decided ill go with the guy who actually talked to me more often than the other. But the problem now is the one who was flirting with my bff is acting like he likes me and calls me '' girlfriend '' and i'm not sure if he's just joking or what the hell while the other one kinda avoids me and each time i talk to him he be like :
'' You're done talking to the other guy? ''
'' go talk to the other guy ''
'' you didn't even see my text because you're busy talking to the other guy ''
and when i told him what's your problem, he got pissed and left me hanging. I mean is he jealous or is he just teasing me or what?
What do you think i should do?


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  • I understand it can be confusing, an embarrassment of riches. Still, it's stressful because you want to make the best choice for you.

    The only one you must listen to is yourself. Your inner voice will tell you at the end of the day, if you will listen to her. Nobody else, even your best friends, can advise you because they're not feeling what you feel and they never can.

    So take a deep breath and relax. Nobody can fault you for your feelings so just go with what you finally choose. You can of course also choose neither of them :-)

    I hope this gives you a little perspective.
    Good luck.


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  • Do not get involved in it if you haven't made up your mind. Otherwise, no matter who you pick, you will be thinking that you made the wrong choice -grass is greener mentality- and that will eventually lead to drama.


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  • I thin the "other guy" spoke with his friend and would rather have you flirt with the guy flirting with your BFF.

  • I think you should pick one the longer you drag this out the worse it is.

  • you don't like them. you like their attention


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