Is it weird for a guy I dated to contact my mom? Is he trying to get to me? Your thoughts?

We broke up because our relationship turned to long distance. Dated for 4-5 months. I wanted to make it work but he didn't. I was hurt and to move on i told him i need to block him. We had no idea if he would be able to return because of his job. He still had my family on facebook. I dont have facebook. Fast track now to 6 months and he randomly contacts my mom to go have coffee with her because his back in town? Has asked my mom for my number , if im dating, And has even been friendly with my mates on facebook.

What could he be up too? Is it obvious he wants me back?


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  • Eh I consider that sort of weird to be honest. I have no idea why would anyone be doing that. Umm, side note, is your mother attractive? Because I fear that something else might be going on in his mind.