No texts for a whole day, no explanation?

I met a guy online, we have been messaging for a month, just started texting/skyping. On wed we skyped for 2 hours and he wasn't feeling well, so I sent him a goodnight text. No answer, I sent him a good morning text w/no answer. I waited a day, I do not bombard his phone w/texts. I sent one final text today and he answered as usual. The weird thing is he has been active on social media, so I know that he wasn't that sick. What gives? If he wasn't interested why spend hours on Skype and even bother texting back at all? Sometimes he takes awhile to respond though.


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  • Maybe he's tired of waiting on you to meet him. Maybe he found someone else in person, because you were playing waiting games.

    • He lives far away, I planned on visiting him down there, but the plans fell through on both of our ends.

    • Yeah, that kinda thing seldom works.

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  • It has only been a month and you two haven't even met yet. It still might be a little much to send good night and good morning texts already. Also, was it the first time you Skyped? When online dating I have found that until you see someone and how they hold themselves and communicate, etc. that you can't be sure if you are interested. I have talked to guys for months and then when meeting I realize I don't like them because they hold themselves different than I expected. So, maybe that happened and he is trying to fade out. Just let it be now and see if he reaches out. That will be your answer.

    • We have skyped 4 or more times.

    • Oh. Well, he also wrote you back finally and you said he takes awhile. Maybe it is nothing at all. Besides, when I am sick, one thing I can do is lay around and go online so that doesn't mean anything.

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  • a day... really a whole day? jeez i hope you rang all the hospitals


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  • You have done a lot of texting already, just wait for him to text occupy yourself with other things don't make him the highlight of your days everything is new and uncertain don't make him your life make him a PART of your life
    Plus don't come off as clingy , cut back on the goodnight good morning texts
    Hope it works out ❤❤❤

    • The texting has been pretty even though because he will initiate the good morning/night texts.

    • Just let him be for a while hun, he'll come around :)