I have a crush on a friend but logically probably shouldn't go there. Would you follow heart or mind?

I have been friends with a guy I work with for a couple years and we have only been just friends. We have talked about other people we were dating with each other and who we think is cute, etc. But, in the last few weeks I feel like things have changed with both of us. He is a very loyal, protective and very good guy and random things have happened recently that really brought that side out of him and I found it so sweet and endearing. I feel like all of a sudden I don't know how to act in front of him but he seems to be doing the same. One day he even talked about how he doesn't know how to flirt with girls which he has said a million times before, but last time he also said he didn't know how to tell a girl he likes them, which he has never said, and I instantly felt like he might've been talking about me. We both smile and laugh a lot now around each other.

But, I have done this before with guy friends and it is just a fleeting moment. Maybe I am just lonely or flattered that he likes me. He is way younger and we are at different points in life. We work together but I am trying to start my career and settle down asap and he is still partying and going out every night. I also don't want to ruin the friendship or make it awkward to work together. But I absolutely adore him and the person he is and would love to end up with someone like that. So confused, what do I do?


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  • why wouldn't it be logical?

    • Because we are at such different points in life that it most likely wouldn't work and I am too old to get involved in something that most likely would not have a future. I also would not want to ruin a friendship or hurt him in the least if I acted on it and then realized it isn't the best idea.

    • you're never too old

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  • the heart, but take your brain with you