Does he just want sex from me?

so I'm dating this guy. have been for 2 months now. we only see eachother once a week. I stayed at his last weekend and things got heated pretty quickly, after we got home from a night out at like 4am we stayed up talking and listening to music, he lay his head on my shoulder and started cuddling up to me, next thing he moves my legs over his and begins to feel up my legs. one things leads to another and pretty soon he's trying to get my underwear off. I didn't mind, it excited me! he touched me and gave me oral. I didn't climax or anything. he then says "oh shit I don't have any condoms!" but I usually cary some, even though I'm a virgin, I think its always good to have them regardless! I told him I had them and then he lay down and I started touching him, but because he had a few drinks it took a while to get it up (I had no idea what I was doing!) I got scared because I knew I wasn't ready to have sex with him and he said "aren't you going down?" I told him I wasn't ready and that I wanted to but just not tonight. he understood and cuddled me!

Tomorrow he wants me to go out with him again and but I'm scared to incase I end up staying at his again and he wants to try it again! I'm still not ready to have sex with him. I don't want to do it just to please him.

I'm also leaving the country in 2 weeks so I don't want to have sex incase it makes leaving harder or if that's what he's after! he told me he wants to still date me when I move! Its just a lot to take in right now. What do you think of the situation? any tips or advice you would give me in this position?

by the way I'm 20 and he's 23. he's my first boyfriend.


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  • No guy dates a girl for two months just for sex, that's silly. When a guy wants just to get laid he doesn't chase a virgin for months, instead he hits up Tinder.

    So you're probably with a decent guy who's really attracted to you and simply wants more intimacy with you because that's how all romantic relationships develop... talking to touching. It's normal.

    Just do what you're comfortable doing and make sure he doesn't pressure you. It's your life, so don't life with regrets. Live it how you want at what ever pace you want.

    ~ Robby


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  • You know, you are very lucky to have a first boyfriend which is a very decent guy and really likes you. He seems put a lot of effort into you ^^ you should be happy about that and try not to make yourself feel presure for your next date. Forget last week! E

    • Enjoy the tomorrow date with him! Dont force yourself do something you are not comfortable to :) xo

  • You've answered your own question honey. You don't want to. So don't. And never feel pressured. Your doing what's best for you. Take care x.