Girls, Just on looks alone, would you date me?

I know it's about personality, but I'm just saying from first impressions on my looks.
Girls, Just on looks alone, would you date me?

  • Yes
    33% (2)
  • No
    67% (4)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't like blondes so no.. But you're not bad :D

    • Thank you! Never really considered myself blonde though. More like a golden brown.

    • Well.. Too blonde for me anyway haha Love your eyes ;)

    • Thanks again

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not really attracted to White guys. And it has nothing to do with looks

    • That's respectable. I don't have racial preferences myself. If they're hot they're hot. I don't care what color they are.

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    • Yes, you're right. Democrats support Al Sharpton, KKK, and the BLM. Research history; Republicans ended slavery, ratified amendments to the constitution to make blacks equal, and in 1967 legalized interracial marriage.

    • You are stubborn aren't you? I won't educate you on Black history. You're 29 years old & pretty much uneducated as fuck. BYE.