How do I get over my boyfriends large past?

I just want to know how to be content and get over my boyfriends very large past without getting sick to my stomach when I see them on social media or something about them.
I love my boyfriend very much, he is my soulmate and the only person I want to be with. He and I have pretty different pasts. As in, he has way more ex "partners" than I do. Meaning he has way more hookups and exes than I. I understand that everyone has a history, including myself, but the difference is is that he knows everyone I've been with (since it was a small number) and I'm still finding out about his. I am very straight forward with him and even told him before he had to ask. The part I'm finding hard is that most of those girls are girls I know. Girls that I have on social media or have their sister, brother, etc. so I continuously see them or something about them. I want to know how to get over the sick feeling in my stomach when I see them on social media.
*if I delete everyone and everyone that hangs out with them I wouldn't have anyone on social media (pretty much)
*i don't think he would cheat on me or likes them more than me or anything like that
*its just a horrible feeling seeing someone that the person you love had been with


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  • That was like me and my first real long term relationship, I understood what I was getting into and even had to fight my own battles because some women still didn't respect our relationship. I tried not to think about it too much, however sometimes I remember it did sting a little and I was quite repulsed, but he was only human and I didn't know him before. Just know they were there before you, he has a life now with you and those people don't matter, he may have been in bed with them but just because you have a smaller number than him doesn't mean he couldn't possibly also feel the same way even if it would be a double standard.

    • Exactly what I'm going through! And thank you so much.

  • It seems insecurities are developing. All you can do is focus on the present , because thinking about his past wil destroy you emotionally. If you can't get over it then really you'd have no choice but to make it a deal-breaker. Your own emotional state should be paramount. If it's having such a negative affect on you , and you can't let go of his past then I'd move on from him.

    • I'm definitely trying! It's just harder than I anticipated.

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    • Thank you for your comments!

    • You're welcome