Refriending someone you never meant to block on facebook?

Six months ago i was talking with this guy i really liked and we agreed to go out on a date, but the night the date was suppose to happen i had to work late and he didn't want to wait. I was so upset that a good friend of mine thought it would be best to block the guy on my facebook page without me knowing it. I thought all this time he blocked me; now i wish to re friend him but dont know if its a good idea or how to do it. Please help?

I recently saw that the guy in question also unfollowed me on instagram, so i unfollowed him. But he then requested to follow me again. Is that a good sign that he's willing to hear me out?


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  • It can't hurt to try

    • What are your thoughts on the whole instagram thing?

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    • Has he been online?

    • Yes, he has

  • I say just do it. Whats the worst that could happen? It will be a 'what if' situation if you dont. If it doesn't work out just move on. Life goes on.