I'm 19 and dude just turned 18 should I dump him? Am I in the wrong for wanting to date his friend?

We've been together for almost 8 months. He's still in hs, I'm going to community college yet I don't think it's going to work out Bc he acts like a jerk. He jokingly calls me stupid, hasn't taken me out on any dates even tho I took him out to a steak dinner on his birthday. He's very opportunistic and when he's with his friends he puts them first. He basically calls quality time dragging me along with his friends and partying with them and drinking and getting stoned or whatever and then wanting to fuck me at 2-3 am and then fall asleep. He talks about how rich my family is yet he doesn't work. He said that when he gets his car I have to pay for 1/2 his gas and that if I choose to work as a stripper again I have to give him 2/3's of my salary. I made him a beaded dog and it took me like 2 hours and when I presented it to him he just discarded it and didn't even take it Home. He lied to me and didn't tell me he went to see his ex to return her potholders and if it was so innocent why didn't he just tell me instead of her having to tell me?

He cheated on his first two exes with eachother and he emotionally cheated on his last ex with me and said that he broke up with her Bc she's crazy. I found out she got suicidal and she has Hashimotos disease. He calls his sister a bitch and talks about how all he wants to do is drugs in college and he plays this stupid game where he puts his body weight on me and prevents me from getting up and breathing for laughs. He calls me stupid and criticizes and belittles my interests
ven tho I try to get into what he likes and am not vocal if I dislike something. He showed me emails he got from his ex Kayleigh in which she said she loves and missed him and he responded and he also admitted to making me jealous of her on purpose multiple times Bc he thought it was funny. He also farted on me in front of his mom and got annoyed Bc I was sick with the flu and he couldn't have sex with me.


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  • Find someone else, not worth the trouble

  • This person isn't even worth having as a friend! Go find someone who will treat you with respect.