Late night texts become I love you, good night?

Lately my friend has been texting me really late at night. Usually it's just something like "I can't" or "I haven't talked to you all day. what's up?" I usually respond with something that basically says "Go to sleep! I'm tired!" (without the bitterness) and he says "grrr...night :(". Two nights ago he just said "I haven't gotten to talk to you all day but you're probably too tired so good night! Text me tomorrow! Love you!" and last night it was just "I love you! Sweet dreams!" Nothing has changed and we weren't really that close to begin with. I thought the late night texts were a bit odd but the I love you was weirder. I've heard late night texts only mean one thing but not this guy (I think I know him well enough to make that call). What does it really mean...does it mean anything?

Sorry I forgot to add this but he sends his best friend good night texts but doesn't say I love you to them. The only reason I was startled by this was because he knows that I'm not one to say I love you to anyone, even my closest friends or family.


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  • It means he likes you.

  • been there, i'd say he like you. If its sincere or not I think you would know better

  • Maybe as a friend, or maybe he's being cute or maybe messing with your mind it working or he might want to marry you and have puppies and kittens...


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