I've been facing rejection ever since I started college. Insight please (girls mainly, but guys are also welcome to answer)?

I've just started college, and I've been facing a string of rejection from girls I'm interested in. I'm very selective in the girls that I talk to. (I'm not really interested in hook-ups, but a relationship. I find hook-ups to be gratuitous and unfulfilling.) I've been told I'm a good looking guy by most girls I interact with. I'm intelligent, funny, and very wise for my age. I don't force things with girls, I let them happen organically (I/E: I don't approach girls with "Hi, I think you're beautiful." but rather "I dig your backpack, it's very stylish." and let the conversation flow naturally from there). However, lately I've been facing a string of rejection. I normally don't sweat rejection, because I've faced that, as a guy, we get rejected more often than not; however, lately I've felt like something may have possibly changed about my personality that has made me undesirable. I'm nice, but I'm not a pushover. I'm not clingy (I never double text and I give people plenty of space as I also enjoy my solitude) while still being an extrovert. One thing I've noticed, however, is that, often, when I hang out with girls that I've only recently met, I sometimes say things that may be considered slightly awkward due to me being nervous (nothing SUPER awkward, but I'm very analytical of myself). The last few times I've gone on first dates, there hasn't been a second. I've never really had problems with girls until I've started college. I find that this string of rejection has been disheartening and caused me to question the previous claims I have made about myself. I didn't make this post for a confidence boost, I just want outside analysis on what I wrote and insight as to why this may be happening.

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  • They are probably focusing on college right now and just don't want to date or being cautious not to get with those typically college guys that see college girls as an easy lay.. you sound find to me, maybe your trying to hard to look for a relationship.. just continue to be and focus on your studies. Eventually the right girl will come along when you least expect it.

    • I guess there's no true way to prove my intentions unless they spend time with me. Thanks for your answer.

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  • Maybe you are choosing the wrong girls


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  • First mistake... Who you listen to..,