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So my fiance and I are both 23 and ve has an 18 and 20 year old sister. He us graduating college in December and ypu only get 4 tickets. Well obviously naturally me being his fiance and all I figured well obviously I would be one if the people getting a ticket. Believe me he is asking around to try and get another one. His mom thinks I should be the one left out. isn't that nuts? That thought didn't even cross my mind that his own fiance who lives with him who is wearing his ring and who helped him through school (neither of his siblings helped at all) should be the one who gets the shaft. Well my fiance disagrees and is going to have to choose one of his siblings. Isn't his mom nuts?


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  • His mom needs to go too. I don't know I don't really care about your little pointless situation to be honest.

    • She isn't upset about his mom going? It's his siblings that are going over her. Why comment if you don't care? You don't need to be rude

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    • Just buying another ticket would be the more reasonable solution though or you can just sit behind the bleachers can't you? I saw some friends in high school grad do that.

    • Sorry but a fiance trumps a sister. Im about to marry him why should i have to be the one to go out of my way to get another ticket

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  • I saw someone said that family comes first. Aren't you his family? You have just as much of a right to be there as anyone else.

    • Yeah thats why i was really confused. Like if his own fiance who he lives with and is wearing a ring isn't family then i dunno who is. If i was a girlfriend of year than yeah that's different.

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    • Yeah I feel like a lot of times when mils complain about how their son is "being taken away" but their future dil or dil that isn't actually the case and the mother doesn't know how to respect boundaries and it isn't that the wife or fiance is controlling its that they want room to start their marriage and they don't want their mil up their ass or their husbands ass all the time

    • Lol yes! I completely understand. Mothers are certainly annoying in that aspect. Maybe if it gets really bad you could talk to him or have a one on one session with his mother. Maybe she needs to get to know you a little bit more? But she does need to understand that he is beginning a new family with you whether she likes it or not, and while she isn't being replaced she won't be his first priority. She needs to learn to respect that.

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  • I personally would feel really offended if my husband didn't want me at his graduation or any type of special event he was involved in. To choose his siblings over his soon-to-be wife is weird.

    • Yeah exactly this is my own fiance the man who i live with whose ring i am wearing and mind you who i helped through school

    • I mean even if you weren't living together or engaged, you two are a couple... It's only normal for him to want you to be there?

    • Yeah but if we werent enaged or married or living together and he could only get 4 tickets and he has 2 siblings and both his parents i would expect them to get the tickets first

  • She is being selfish but I guess family comes first

    • I dunno if you don't consider the person who helped you through school, who is wearing your ring, who you wake up next to everyday family then I don't think you are marrying the right person. Family is so much more than having the same blood running through you. Im sorry but my fiance and I operate and treat each other as family equally as his parents and siblings if not more so...