Am I being insecure and too demanding?

I met a guy, he was working away and we continued to text rather erratically but as he was overseas I made allowances. He's now back in uk , we had a massive 2 hour chat on the phone last week. He told me he liked me a lot and wondered if I could perhaps see this turning into something more serious in the future. Then I didn't hear from him for 4 days in the meantime I done some internet stalking and saw a recent FB photo of him with his arm round a girl. I text and asked if he had a girlfriend and if so could he delete all our messages. He tried called me immediately but I had gone to bed so missed the call and he sent several texts laughing at the fact i thought he had a girlfriend he doesn't and he was panicking he'd upset me. I text back the next day and told him not to worry everything's fine and he removed the FB photo. The thing is he hasn't friend requested me and I haven't heard from him for 3 days. Is he hiding something? Am I over reacting or too demanding seeing as it's only been 2 months? Should I delete his number and move on? Should I call him and ask to meet up? Feeling confused


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  • Wtf? He can't have friends? You have no idea who she is.
    You don't actually know but already thinking of moving on? Your all kinds of crazy. He should move on.

    • Haha if I had just ignored it and it turned out it was his girlfriend I'd be labelled a hoe because I question it I'm labelled crazy. Can't win!

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  • If that girl in the photo was his girlfriend he wouldn't of deleted it. So I don't think he has a girlfriend you don't know about. The fact he was really worried that he upset you is a good thing too. Just call/text him and ask to catch up.

    • Thankyou I just feel like it's me making all the effort and Im worried he's hiding something from me. Im going to call him though. Thanks for your advice

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