If your ex says he'll do something and doesn't is he in the wrong?

If you guys were together and he broke your bra and also it was your birthday and he said "I'm so sorry, I'm going to get you a gift when I can and a new bra" and then you guys stop seeing each other would you be pissed that he didn't get you what he said?

  • Yes he should have gotten it for me anyway
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  • No it's not his responsibility anymore
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  • Technically you guys broke up and he's not obligated but he should've kept his word
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  • Doesn't matter
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  • Well, it might have been nice if he DID buy you a new bra - but really, that's trivial. A new bra isn't the same thing as breaking something of true value. It's easier to just go to the store and pick one up for twelve bucks. (Besides, whether he broke it or not doesn't matter, bras need to be replaced over time anyway.)

    As for your birthday - it's *post* break up so really, there's not obligation whatsoever to treat you anymore, or you, him. Even if you broke up on Sunday and your birthday was Monday, just by being ex means if he decides he doesn't want to acknowledge your birthday he doesn't need to because you've already established that you two have moved past being linked.

    I'm not interested, nor do I understand the "friendship after breaking up" thing. I can certainly understand not being enemies, and being cordial if you see each other, but exes are exes for a reason, and your time together means that you're done and it's time to either enjoy being single, or work on finding someone to fill the spot where birthdays will be special with someone else, and broken bras are broken because of some good sex - with someone new. :)

    • OMG, its Ozanne... your... back... welcome baCK :) iTS A PLEASURE TO HAVE YOU BACK

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    • @flintlockwood I work with him. I'm good thank you :) I published my second book this year so I was too busy to be online.

    • Ah, i see. Congrats on publishing your second book. Its good to have you back... see ya around.

      Welcome back :)

  • If you've broken up, he's unfortunately under no obligation to do anything anymore. That's the thing about break ups. You lose control and can't have expectations anymore.