Asking for his number instead of keep texting - good idea or not?

So I had three dates with this guy who is now on a family vacation. We are getting along really well, at least the dates were amazing! I was thinking about asking him for his number so that I can call him just for a few minutes sometimes. I don't really like texting plus I am seeing that he barely texts me although it was always so amazing in person.

Will it sound clingy or needy? Bad idea?

We text by messenger by the way


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  • Yeah go for it. If you've already seen each other several times and plan on going out more times getting his number is a good idea. Especially if you really enjoyed your time together!

    • It was eeally amazing. Sadly he went on a family vacation and I will only see him a month from now... and he barely messages me. So I thought of doing this. Do you think I should give him my number and wait for him to call instead? I just don't want to pressure anything :)

    • Yeah a month without contact would be hard to be honest. You can exchange numbers and tell him to call you when he has the time/has settled at his hotel or whatever. I doubt he'll have a problem with it since you seem to have amazing chemistry. Go for it guurl

  • go for it


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