Would you stop flirting with someone if you discovered they only just got out of a relationship?

After quite a long period of complicatedness (it really was complicated, too much so to type out here and not relevant) I ended things with a guy I loved and still have feelings for. I met another guy (old friend I got back into contact with) who is great, we had a good connection and I loved to just have deep and heated conversations alternated with uncontrollable laughter all night long and it was uncomplicated and natural. We didn't do amything but talking. Then I told him what had happened, because I needed someone to know and he understood me. Do you think it'll stop him from wanting to get to know me better in a romantic way?

(Im not even sure he wants to be more than friends, only strongly suspected it)


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  • If I were interested in her, some dude from her past isn't stopping me. I'd talk with her about how she felt and probably take it slow though.

    • Even if the past is yesterday?

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    • I don't think it ruined your chances. Just don't bring up unnecessary stuff about your ex when with him, it pisses us off and we genuinely couldn't care less about the guy

    • Okay.

      He doesn't know yet, but he knows my ex and talked a lot with him too, since we're all part of the same students club (the new guy/old friend joined 2 weeks ago). Well, he knows the ex is a member, but I didn't name him yet.

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  • I would stop flirting of him out of fear of being used as a rebound relationship. I do not want to deal with that and I do not wish to cure someone from the wounds of their last relationship. Call me selfish, but that is not my responsibility.


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  • Yes, but I would help them as a friend to process their emotion first.


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  • I would be cautious because I don't want to be the rebound chick or catch drama.

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