He asked for us to be more serious, agreed to being exclusive, but he still acts like a player around his friends?

We dated years ago casually and it didn't work, we bumped into each other again a couple of months ago and we had both just gone through a break up after long term relationships. Honestly, I offered to be friends with benefits after he showed an interest in me as I wasn't looking for anything serious. After a couple of months he asked me if it has to be this way forever because he has feelings for me and he would like to see how we get on and maybe make it something more. I agreed on the condition that we would be exclusive, he happily agreed. Except I have all of his friends on Facebook as we live in the same city so we have met the same people and he comments on their posts and they have those chats guys do and it's always about girls and it's always so degrading and stuff about how much he's a player and 'if he got with that girl last night' and he would laugh and say no and his friends would be like 'makes a change' and just jokes about how much of a player he is. I did mention it at one point and he said it's all jokes to be 'cool' because he's trying to be a successful rapper. Do I mention it again or just leave it and pretend to not know as really, it's nothing to do with me as we aren't official?


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  • It depends. If it bugs you a lot and bothers you I would leave him alone. Being exclusive is about having trust and faith in the person. If you don't have neither for him then I think you should leave. Even if he is joking around wirh friend's then he should do it in private and not public where everybody can see it. He shouldn't be talking like that anyway since you and him are exclusive.


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  • Your boyfriend is a jerk. He's showing disrespect towards you and he seems to disregard your feelings. I wouldn't take him seriously if I were in your position.

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