Why do I end up in tears?

I've been dating this guy since April this year, we both really like eachother talk openly about everything. Talk everyday etc there's the distance between us that is a pain but we are getting there and when we know it's the right time we will move closer towards eachother but the one problem I keep facing is why do I end up crying about it all? It's not that I'm sad or anything, can anyone please explain to me on a more deeper level, hope someone can help :))) xoxox


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  • If I understand correctly, you are in a long distance relationship and while you are making it work (and will even move closer in the future), you find yourself crying for seemingly no reason. If I am wrong about anything, please do correct me.

    Having been in some (short) long distance relationships, I know it can be though and painful as hell. For me personally, it was the in-person intimacy I missed most. I am not talking about sex, but rather about the little things. Holding her hands while walking together, having her rest her head on my shoulder while watching a movie on the couch, laying next to her in bed when I am just about to fall asleep, etc. That stuff is amazing and it feels like nothing else compares.

    I think you are crying because you miss these things too. You don't need to feel sad to miss these things. In fact, you can be very happy about the fact that you have each other and get along so well, but at the same time miss that stuff like crazy.

    Imagine coming home after a long day and sitting down. Without looking, you hear him walking to you. He puts his arm around you and, while he sits down, pulls you in for a hug. You both sit in silence, enjoying the almost perfect moment. Your day suddenly didn't seem as long anymore.

    THAT is what you have been missing, without noticing it until now. In my opinion, that is a fair reason to cry.

  • How often do you see him? Your crying can be from wanting to be with him and not being able to do so. Are you lonely at the times you cry? Are you craving getting to know him much faster? Also you sound like a very sensitive woman. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but it can have an effect that makes you cry easier than others. I am a man that is sensitive. I can cry pretty easily, not like you, but definitely easier than a lot of men. When I was young, I was so embaressed by it. Then I found that women like a sensitive guy that can cry. I never worried again. I don't care what other men think. It's the lady's I listened to. I won't go any deeper because I'm not a professional in that area. If you feel you need to, see someone. Hope I helpoed a little.


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