What would win you over?

We have a great relationship but I want him to truly appreciate me but I feel I'm not doing something ie giving him the attention he wants.

what did your girl do to win you over and made you realise how amazing she is?


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  • Daynada raises a good point. For me, there is not one "thing" a girl does to win me over. It is a collection of a lot of little things.

    The way she plays with her hair when she's bored, the sound of her laugh, the way she looks at me right after I kiss her, etc. You fall for the girl, not for the thing she does.

    • I never thought of it like that... I just feel like I'm doing so much for him and he's not appreciating how good I am to him

    • @GuyWannaHelp thnx for the mention

    • @Money1990 I understand, yet that is not your fault. If he fails to see how great you are, that is on him.

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  • You shouldn't have to change or come up with something for him to like you. He needs to like you for you

    • I agree but I'm wondering if I'm not doing something in paticular? Dk if that makes sense or not

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    • What do you think it is that you're not doing? Like, I said, you shouldn't be reaching for something extra.

    • Thanks for the MHGRL

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