Is this girl interested in me or just being nice?

So on Friday night i walked into the hair store to purchase some hair wax. This beautiful representative gave me a hand. She wore glasses and seemed mature for her age I'm assuming 20-25yo.
While she was serving me I wanted to ask her out but I didn't want to embarass her at her workplace so i didn't.
I purchased the wax and exited the store.

30 mins later, i wrote a message on the back of the receipt stating "hi (her name) i think you're really cute and would like to get to know you more over coffee/drink" with my name and number.

I didn't expect her to message, however she did after her shift ended and we've been messaging ever since.
Her texts seem very mature which is a brownie point in my books.

She's single and interested right?
Otherwise if she wasn't any of the above then she wouldn't have messaged back?

Ok so i asked her out and she agreed. We're seeing each other Sunday night woohoo I'm so excited!


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  • A part of me thinks this is cute you're even asking. Yes. That means she's interested in you.

    • Hehe I've been out of the game for far too long. Always second guessing myself. Thanks for the positivity.

    • Update: so she said yes to a date for Sunday night, then all of a sudden she just messaged saying sorry she's got tll much on and needs to focus on her studies and that she's probably got no tome for dating.
      Did i do something wrong?

    • Nope. She got cold feet is my best guess or she was telling the truth. It happens on both sides. But good job working up the nerve to ask her out! Thumbs up!

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  • If she messgaed you back, she probably is interested. Go for it. A no answer hurts, but wondering is much worse. If you havn't asked her out in your messages, she may be wondering about you as well. Ask her out again.

    • Thanks bud! I haven't technically asked her out on a date yet. Thought I'd wait out the weekend with a bit of texting here and there so we can get to know each other least a little bit first and then I'll see if she's free some time next week :)

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    • *too much

    • **time
      Dammit can't even type. I'm so confused

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  • You should go for it but, sometimes girls who just have nothing to do just message back. But if you have been texting for a while, if I were her, I would probably be interested in you. Cause I know I don't text someone I'm not interested in a lot. This one guy keeps on texting me, I ignore most of his texts. This other guy, I text 24/7. Especially if they text you first one day, they are probably interested.

    • Yes yes you're right there :)
      We've been texting since Friday evening :)
      She is always answering my questions and has her own questions back which i answer.

  • Seems like she is interested. When i worked as a server, I got a few messages with numbers on receipts. I never messaged any of them, for the simple fact that i wasn't interested lol. So its great that you got a reply from her! If you truly like her, ask her on a date! :)

    • Yes exactly i didn't think it'd work. But it did! I don't know anyone that has tried it. I guess she is interested :)

    • Its good you were brave enough to do it! I hope it goes great for you both from here on out :)

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