Would you DATE a girl with COLORED hair? As in unnatural/fake looking. Girls do you think girls look GOOD with colored hair?

You either like it or ya don't. Just personal preference really, nothing bad. I personally think it can make a beautiful girl look... less beautiful but that's just me.

  • YEAH! I loved colored hair on girls! 😍
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  • Nahhhh, messes up a girls beauty! 😐
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What Girls Said 1

  • I have coloured hair and I've had coloured hair for almost 7 years. Personally, it suits me more than my natural brown hair. Most people in my life know me as being the girl with purple/blue hair. I don't think it makes me less attractive.

    • Ok. Like I don't think that it makes some look ugly cause that's rude I'm just saying that personally I would have found you more attractive with natural hair not colored bc I've seen that with many girls before.

    • I see. But I personally haven't had a natural a hair in years. I couldn't see myself with it either.

What Guys Said 1

  • Only if it doesn't accompany hatred of the "patriarchy"