This guy is mad because I didn't say I liked him. Is this normal?

I posted before that I wasn't going to be dating for a while. I ended up meeting this guy and decided to give him a shot because he seemed nice. Now I'm not sure.

We hung out twice. The first time was fun, but the second time weirded me out. He was being really affectionate and calling me pet names, like we were close. We weren't friends to start with and only had a few conversations prior, so I thought it was weird. I couldn't understand why he was being this way when he didn't really know me. I avoided him for a week before I finally told him.

Later he expressed to me how he only knows things I don't like and things I won't do. I'm not shy about telling him things I don't like, but I've also expressed things I do. I reminded him about some things I've talked about. Shopping, reading, family time, etc. He got pissed because I didn't say I liked him. I told him we only hung out twice and the second time freaked me out, how was I supposed to develop feelings just from those two times? He told me I wasn't trying hard enough. I told him he couldn't possibly like me already because he didn't know me well enough to decide that. He told me I couldn't tell him what his feelings were.

I'm just completely weirded out and uncomfortable. I don't develop feelings for anyone until I've gotten to know them better. How they think, act, treat others. What they're like when they mad, sad, etc. He doesn't know all of that about me. I really don't understand why he's mad. I feel like he's gaining feelings too quickly and I'm still trying to understand who he is before I decide anything. I don't want to rush into anything with anyone or even let the idea that I like them in that way grow before I can find out more. I feel like if I do rush into that I could miss important things because I'm not thinking straight.

Am I holding back? How long does it take for people to develop feelings? Do you really need to know someone or am I making excuses?


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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU AREN'T IN THE WRONG!!! Don't say that. There is no reason that he is pissed off. Just because you can't instantaneously develop feelings for someone isn't a reason that someone should be mad. Instead he should go out with you more often, talk with you and try to be interactive!!!
    Don't worry to much. Feelings just come. You can't give orders to your body to like someone (I tried it). It's normal if you don't want to rush. Just wait. If he keeps being mad at those little things. Let him be and carry on with your life gurl.


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  • Huh? So he expected during the second date to claim that you like him? What the heck... He's being unreasonable. There is nothing wrong with you and I do not think you're making excuses.

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