Would you go to a bar, pub or something alone to meet people?

And if yes would you approach anyone or let them come to you?

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  • as a girl i wouldn't go to a bar alone , i rather go with a group and then start talking to people then


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  • Why would you do that? You're going to meet nothing but whores in there.

    • I meant like normal places as well but couldn't think of anything so added "or something" as well

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  • Of course. If I'm going to go to a bar or other establishment with the intention of meeting someone then I'm not going to get upset if someone comes onto me, and I would of course, also, approach someone who interested me and let them come onto me, as well.

    I'm a social creature just like most people, I like to think, and very open minded. I'm not opposed to someone coming up to me to get to know me or for that matter, me approaching someone else, a stranger, to get to know them in return. If you're going to go to these places you might as well make the most out of where you are and having fun. As long as that's happening, so much the better and why's to worry.

  • I would go to get away from people