Boyfriend moved away without saying goodbye... I'm really pissed off at him.. why would he do this?

So we have known eachother for 4-5 months been dating for a bitmore than 3 months! We both knew come September he would be moving about 1 hour and 20 minutes away from me (in our hometown) for school. We talked at length about long distance and what would happen when he moves, we both agreed that we would make it work for both of our last year of school. Today is the day he was set to move and he has been on vacation up until yesterday. I was really hoping to see him before he moved and he knew that but today I got a text that said ""Hey babe heading off to *location* now sorry I wasn't able to see you before I left had to finish getting stuff together and write that report for summer co-op hope your doing well today" .. well I'm really pissed off and upset.. what gut would not want to see his girlfriend before he moved away. This is a big change for our relationship and I don't know how to feel... guys do you think he is trying to write me off/forget about me now that the summer is over?

What guy would not want to see his girlfriend before he moved away ** sorry for the typo!


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  • I had a girl do a similar thing , meet this girl that was working at a restaurant here this summer and about 2 weeks ago was the last time I saw her and never even said bye or anything , well we weren't dating I had talked to her at work and at bar more than a few times and she seemed to like me. I'm surprised she didn't even say bye or something before she left for the summer , maybe she just didn't know what to say or had no intent of continuing the friendship once her job was over , I don't know

    • Not really the same thing ah.. but sorry this happened to you and thanks for taking the time to read.

    • well true we weren't actually in a relationship when she did this , we just knew each other and had been friends , this time of year a lot of people move around and lose touch , it happens

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  • I know I'm not a guy, but maybe he didn't want to say goodbye as he could have become emotional? Other than that maybe he was really genuinely busy and unfortunately didn't have the time? Honestly an hour and 20 isn't that far maybe he didn't see it as far as you do?

    • No its fine that you aren't a guy! I honestly just need some reassurance I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. But yes I could see this, he doesn't like showing his emotions. And I know it isn't to far and he has a place to come back to just with school and stuff we will both be busy.

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  • I don't know, but if you can pull off a long distance relationship that's something akin to a miracle.

    Probably felt awkward about the whole thing. Or he's really bad at scheduling and literally didn't have time.

    • Haha he does leave things super last minute! And it is only long distance for 10-11 months and he permanently resides in our hometown. But I'm starting to worry he was saying he would make it work just because that's what I wanted to hear.

  • maybe he hates that he is moving aways and thinks that seeing u will make him doubt his choice

    • Hates his choice of what... dating me? Or moving? This will be his 4th and final year at this school! We didn't meet until the beginning of the summer before we both started our 4th and final year of college

    • read what i said hates he is moving
      calm and breath woman

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