Boyfriend problems?

I'm in a relationship with a guy for over two weeks now. He drives two hours to come see me. Lately he's been busy and doesn't bother to text me. I always have to text when I get pissed he calls me. Before i got with him, I heard he sleeps with other girls. I'm thinking I'm I making a wrong mistake. I don't know what to do. I don't want to doubt he's cheating on me.

So apparently I just found out. he's engaged with two kids. I saw this on instagram. I asked him why would he lie? He said, he knew I would run away. He likes me. I was talking to him about it. He was like I jumped to conclusion, I didn't wait for any explanation. I can see everything. He's still likes and talk to me. What the fuck.
Boyfriend problems 2


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  • Tell him you don't want to have sex yet. That way if he actually does like you, you'll know and if you do get cheated on no real harm done. You can just dump him.

    If you have to wonder if he's cheating on you it probably isn't a very healthy relationship and you should probably talk to him about it.


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  • It's only been 2 weeks. Give it time. at least he drives to see you