How do I attract Hispanic girls to me, I am really in need of advice, help?

I am a Puerto Rican guy to give some background and I was raised in majority white/black area with few Hispanics, and the few Hispanic women that were available literally were repelled away from me and just weren't interested, now I have moved to a city where there are much more Hispanic women and Hispanics in general for education but I just can't attract them to me, the only women that are interested in me and that have always been interested in me are non Hispanic white women and black women, I really would love to date someone who I could relate to/ my culture but I don't know what I'm doing wrong, Hispanic girls just won't give me the time of day or just straight up ignore me, I would date white and black women but I already have and I honestly like I said want someone who I could relate to, what's the deal here, all my life I have had this problem, please help.


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  • here is my advice that I always give people when they say they can't attract the people they want to date:

    Notice the type of girls you would like to date. Okay, then pay attention to the guys you see them with. Maybe you'll see them with their boyfriend out in public or on social media. Compare yourself to their male counterparts. Do you look and dress similar? Hang out same places and have similar interests? You may have to be more like the type of guy who dates the type of girl u want


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