What do you do when you've missed an opportunity (to talk/smile at/whatever) with someone you are interested in?

I work on the same floor as this guy who ever since the past month, started looking in a lot at me whenever he passed my office. I got wind of it and started returning his eye contact... which then made him stop. However, we bump into each other quite abit in the corridors, and he would either quickly look away or look at me but avoid eye contact.

This went on for about a month but then recently, we bumped into each other in the pantry, and he looked at me and smiled! I smiled back and walked off with my drink. Looking back, I regretted missing that chance to speak to him cause we were both there alone and these sorts of opportunities seldom happen..

So what I wanted to ask is, have you missed any good opportunities with someone before and what did you do after that? Did you try and make something happen again or wait for another chance?


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  • I would hate that. He can't really know what you are thinking. One of you has to take some initiate, unless that social opportunity happens that you're waiting for. It's pretty unlikely to happen though. It's interesting how few women will initiate.

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes one of us def has to do something. Hmm. I'm abit hesitant for now cause I'm aware of our age gap. I'm about 27/28 and he's at least 12 years older. At least. He might be married or in a relationship already, so I'm kinda hesitating with regards to doing anything I guess.

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    • Ywc by the way :)

    • True, most people in their 20s and above are in relationships anyway. guess I have nothing to lose either way! At the very least, would have gained a new friend. Thanks once again :)

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  • Im a massive tease to be honest, i dont totally get off on it but I've just grown to accept i enjoy doing it. So if i miss this opportunity i fail haha confidence is key. If i missed it though is just go talk to them. Don't like missing opportunities.


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  • Always girl! Then afterwards you think to yourself "omg I should've done this or that blah blah" haha pretty much!

    • Yup tell me about it! And you replay the what-ifs in your mind over and over again. SIGH