Went on a date with a girl I randomly met on the train; didn't go anywhere which shook me up somehow. What do you think about this?

We exchanged numbers after out conversation on the train. The next day she texted me she was bored and we went for a coffee. In the evening, I asked her to come see a movie at my place, which she gladly accepted.

Near the end of the movie, we started making out. Since she didn't have any of her stuff at my place, she had to leave. She said she would take those things (toothbrush etc) with her the next time. When I offered to bike with her to her place (as she doesn't know the city too well yet), she said: "No, it's good that I learn the route for next time I'll come over". She gave me a kiss and went on her way.

I was pretty excited about it. It seemed to be both good and easy. However, while we were texting the next day, she told me she let herself go, but she isn't looking for anything. She had come out of a long relationship and just moved there, so she didn't want to jump into anything just yet.
I told her to tell me once she has it all figured out and that I would understand if she'd rather not have us hang out anymore. She hasn't replied; so I decided to let it go.

What I am struggling with now, is that that one date with her shook up my rhythm. I had gotten used to being single and was fine with it. This whole experience was a taste of what I had been missing; and I loved it. I still don't have a problem with being single, but I find myself thinking about her virtually every damn second of the day. It is not even her specifically that I miss, but rather the idea of having someone there for me. Surprise surprise, making out is pretty damn nice and this make me remember that again.

You may be wondering what the question here even is. I am not quite sure myself. I don't regret the date or the kiss. But I am disappointed it turned out like this. I know I will be fine soon enough; I am not even sad about it. To put it in a metaphor, it sucks that she lit a fire and decided she didn't need the warmth after all. Now I am stuck here burning up for no good reason.

Thank you for reading all that. Feel free to share any thoughts or comments about this; I am open to everything and I'd greatly appreciate it if you do.


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  • More fuel to get out there and date!

    It happens... who knows the reasons, just life sometimes. :)


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  • I think that you're handsome. Because otherwise you couldn't kiss that girl , or any other girls. So this reading piece made me remember how ugly I am, thank you by the way. Lastly , I feel pity for myself for not living things like these. And I think I won't live these things for the rest of my life. That was touchy.

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