Does my boyfriend really love me?

me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 5 months now, but we've been best friends for about 9 months. he always says that he loves me, he tells me i'm beautiful and funny, and basically he says cute things pretty often. the thing is, everytime i read posts about how to know if someone is really in love with you, there are always these 2 things : they want to spend time with you and they wanna call you, hear your voice. he doesn't really do those things. we can't hang out very much because of my strict parents, so now, even tho we are on the summer break, we see each other once a week and spend 4-5 hours together. he almost never asks me to hang out. i asked him why he doesn't do it and he said that he knows i can't hang out all the time, so he waits for me to announce him when i can. also, he skypes with his friends everyday, for a couple hours a day, and i asked him why he doesn't wanna do it with me too, or at least talk on the phone from time to time, and he said that he doesn't know why, but he just doesn't wanna do it with me. he also never bought me flowers, and I don't know why, but i really like flowers. so i asked him why he doesn't get me at least a rose, and he said that its going to die anyway. I don't know, it just doesn't feel like he treats me right all the time. so, does it seem like he doesn't really love me?


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  • he shows affection with actions than words
    he says to u nice stuff
    he knows that u can't meet him freely due to u parents
    the flower seems odd
    but maybe he doesn't want to seems clingy to u


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  • I agree with you on one thing, that when a guy loves you , you need to feel it and he needs to use actions , not words..

    then again, you two are very young and with regards to the whole seeing each other often, it maybe hard because at those ages , there are restrictions, curfews, parents etc BUT it couldnt hurt to call or even gave a nice gift from time to time.

    Dont be too hard on your self or think too much. Like I said you are young and no need for all these social pressures (gifts, dates , etc). Just spend time and enjoy eachother's comapany while you can.