Telling someone you dont play games?

I'm trying to show this guy that i would like to have another chance with that i dont play games, but i fear that a misunderstanding that happened six months ago is still in the way. When I asked if we could start with a clean slate, he said yeah, thats cool. Please help me?


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  • He said yes now ask him out

    • But what if he posts something like he is single cause he wants loyalty, honesty, and not playing games on his facebook after saying that

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    • I dont think he did, he hasn't and he did see it. Thats why i fear he thinks that im just playing games, but thats not me.

    • All you can do is tell him the truth. The rest is up to him

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  • He already accepted to start over with a clean slate. Ask him out and discuss it with him. Don't do it over facebook or any other social media.

    • I tried, but he hasn't messaging me back and i feel like he wasn't serious bout it.