How should I approach reconciliation with my ex?

We've been broken up for month in a half and have been NC for about 3 weeks. Our relationship was so great. We never argued or any of that. After we broke up we didn't talk for like 2 1/2 weeks and then we had sex and went out to dinner. She said she still loved me and missed me so much. On the way driving to dinner I caught her multiple times staring at me saying I look really good. She seems so into me. Dinner went really well, she told me she wasn't interested in anyone else. After I took her home she was kissing me and all over me. Kissed her goodbye and ended my night. Next day she text me saying "everything I said at dinner was true and I just need time and can't even understand myself right now, I love you and will call you Sunday". She never called. Next tell she text me saying "she can't do this anymore" and that she said all that stuff because she "thought" she wasn't "over me" now we haven't spoken in like 3 weeks. I wished her a happy birthday and got no response. What's going on. I believe she still has feelings.. she's just trying to fight them. This girl talked about kids and moving in together. She said I was her best.


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  • She is obviously trying to get over you. You should do the same.

    • Can time apart and space bring us back?

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    • Then why did you break up?

    • She was really confused. At the time she was going through some family issues after we broke up we didn't talk for two weeks and then we started talking for a bit and had sex once then went out to dinner where she told me she missed me a lot and still loves me... The next day she sends me a text message saying everything she said at dinner was true she's just confused and can't even understand herself she will call me Sunday and I love you. She never called Sunday and then the next day she text me saying she can't do this anymore. She reassured me that she wasn't interested in anybody else

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  • You two broke up for a reason, leave it that way.