Why do guys act interested, but then do nothing?

There are several guys that I know that will flirt with me and send me sweet text messages. They will look at me as if they were happy that I was there, and act eager to be near me. But then a week or so later i'll find out they are in a relationship, or they will start acting cold (once I start to flirt with them). Is there a reason for that? Are they playing with my emotions, were they never interested, am I reading too much into what they are doing?


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  • Well there's your answer. Those guys who are already in relationships will flirt with you regardless if they find you attractive. Just because they are already spoken for doesn't mean they won't admire others or flirt. Its a shitty situation because people read too much into it and just get led on.
    A lot of guys stare at and flirt with me, if I find them attractive I obviously reciprocate. But as soon as I discover they are taken I put an end to the flirting and ignore or avoid them. Some guys don't act on their impulses when their spoken for but you get some greedy chancers who will take it a bit further just so that they can have their cake and eat it. As for guys who start flirting with you and never act on it. Its mainly down to fear of rejection. Or they just see you as a bit of eye candy. Shy guys will non verbally flirt with you and never act on it because they'll wait on you to initiate for them. Or take years just to decide if he wants to talk to you or not. I can't be bothered with any of the above really.


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  • Sometimes, it's not about you reading too much. In my own experience, my guy friend told me it's just for the fun, some guys like being casual, some like to be more 'flirty' and intimate with the opposite sex. And at the end of the day if you happen to take it too seriously, then they'll usually stay away from you. Don't take things too seriously :)

    • Thanks. I just never know how to gauge situations, because its so confusing. So I'm like are they interested, or not!