Is he lost interest?

I met this guy online, we exchanged our numbers.
we text like every other day sometimes he initiates other times I do. But we don't really keep the conversation going. (I personally don't like to text every day through out the day before the first date)

so last week he asked me if I wanted to see him, but I was too busy wasn't able to make time so I asked him to meet next week (no specific date and time mentioned) and he said ok.
Then two days later I texted him say good morning (I felt bad I turned him down and I wanted him to know that I'm still interested) and he texted back. He is so sweet and nice when we text and I know he's attracted to me, but we both are on the dating website.. He could have found someone better.

it's been 3days since the morning text and he hasn't texted me.
im just afraid if he isn't that interested in me at all..


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  • I'm very aquanted with daring websites. there's so many people on there he might have just met someone that could meet up faster. I don't think he's lost interest in you, I think he's just exploring his options. and since you guys barely know each other he probably doesn't think it's a big deal to not reply right away. I give my number out all the time, make lots of dates for the week, sometimes I can't even put a face with a number I have to go back to my dating profile messages and remind myself who's texting me. then sometimes guys that I talked to only for a few days text weeks later asking me out. by then I'm like, "who's this? send a pic"

  • give it sometime. honestly he could prob moved on , if you are going to be needy and crazy it pulls guys away , play hard to get