We spent all days with his secretaries... pls HELP?

While he works in another country, he invited me to stay with him for 2 days...
Next day he went to work, and texted me if i woke up and if i want eat, he can send his secretary for me...
Ok, he send this "secretary"... He speak with her in so soft voice and laugh through every word.
He have several of them and they r LITERALLY all day with us and almost everywhere. And some of them literally flirt with him.
When he see i dont like it... he says "u know that this girl is just work with me... right? And sorry, i have to work and have to have helpers, i am so busy with work, so sorry..."
Also, he told his "secretary" to move his laggage from hotel to taxi. And said, he will pay for it.
And then said, its not that heavy and she (me) will help u... haha, dont worry. Spoke again with a very soft voice with flirty laugh..
I said, no i can't... i can't carry heavy things... (if he pay her why should i help..) and then he said, ok, dont worry, i will go with u and help u...
Gave her the smallest laggage and asked, if it too heavy, dont carry it...
I dont think if they professional realtionahip he would behave like that?
Or why he didn't hired a student guy, for him to carry his laggage without problems...
What do u think of this all situation?
What would u do in my place?


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  • Reading too much wattpad there


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  • just let your grandfather enjoy his prime


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  • Because guys would rather stare at an attractive girl than a guy? dunno weird shit.

  • He's boning her. No doubt about it.


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