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Dating a single father-need URGENT help pls?

Ok, I'm not going to tell so much detail but here's the thing. I've been dating this single dad for about 9 months now. He introduced me to his 12, almost 13 years old daughter a month after we started dating. He seemed to be a good guy, not a player type at all. But it always seems like he hide things from me and I've no clue what they could be. I looked him up on google last May and found some court stuff so I asked/confronted him who that person was. Apparently he was married twice but he said the second marriage was annulled for some strange and sad reason. His first wife cheated on him and got pregnant from another person while she was married to him...
Anyway, after I found out about his second marriage, I was upset and so sad and went and searched his apartment and found a garbage bag in his closet full of documents, naked pictures of his first wife, love notes and kisses from the last person he dated... I confronted him and he said he has got rid of everything... and he said he didn't tell me about his second marriage because it was annulled, didn't last even for a month and he's embarrassed and he said he thought I would stop seeing him... Well, I took his word for it and I'm still with him...
But tonight, I just found out he didn't get rid of some cards and notes he received when his child was born. I don't know where the heck he put them but I couldn't find any of the documents and pictures of his naked ex wife... he said he's keeping them because a couple of lawyers told him so they can use them as proof when going to court for custody and I understand... But I'm so upset that he keeps things that have to do with his ex wife. I understand if he wants to keep things of his daughter when she was born, I've no problem with that but why can't he may be let her have anything that have to do with his mother? Is it ok that I'm upset to see cards his ex wife and him made for the daughter, cards they received and have his and his ex wife's name on them?
Dating a single father-need URGENT help pls?
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