Do you lose interest in the opposite sex quickly? If so is there a reason?

I lose my interest in girls fairly quickly if they are somewhat passive. Its not stimulating to keep talking to them so i stop. They never send a message first so i assume they didn't like me in the first place.

They make you carry the whole conversation every time so its like im talking to myself.

  • Yes, i lose interest quickly ( state reason why)
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  • No, i can maintain interest fairly easy
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  • Well I'm going to lose interest in anyone who doesn't make an effort to keep any form of relationship going. But with girls I always find them a little less interesting if they become too obtainable, there's a sweet spot between showing enough interest in me, but not being too available all the time.

    • To me, the more interest they shoe the better.

    • Even if they become clingy?

    • Yeah, i think its cute.

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  • Do you lose interest in people you like at first sight?

    • No, only after some time.

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    • So what turns you off is someone not liking you, right?

    • Yes.

  • No, i can maintain interest fairly easy

    • so if they are not showing much interest you can maintain interest just fine?