Girls, How would describe the son mother relationship?

Murders of kids

Gender nuetral parenting
Gender dissapiontments
Force feminisation

  • can be strong but needs work
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  • depends it can be strong
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  • my son is my life
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  • needs a lot of work
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  • I don't understand your question, but my son is my life.


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  • I'm not really sure I understand the question.

    I have a two year old, and his dad isn't around at the moment. I love him more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone, and all I can do is my best for him every single day. He has guys around, because I can't fill that role. He's has my brothers. and my best friend has so much time for time for him. He's brilliant with him

    He may not have his dad right now, but he has unofficial god parents.

    He's such a happy little boy, I'm so proud of him.

    I don't think I'm doing so badly.

    • If the child's father wants to apart of his life would let him

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    • Oh shit sorry for that... you know he had a chance to be a parent and he messed it up. Let's just hope he can prove to the court and to you that he is capable.. I'm sick of dead beats

    • It's not a nice situation for anyone and it has been very tough.
      We'll have to take things as they come now and see what happens. But thanks :)

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