How Should I Approach This Girl?

I've been noticing this beautiful girl that walks around the industrial park on her breaks around where I work and she's usually with another girl. I am personally a guy that likes a nice booty and OMG this girl has the nicest butt you'll ever see... she's got a pretty face, nice brown hair... she just looks so perfect. She has no idea who I am obviously, I want to approach her in a nice way and possibly try and get her number out of it. Obviously if she's taken I won't bother to try. I don't know if it would be weird if I tried to cross paths with her on a walk and just randomly try and get this girls number lol.

I need some help!!


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  • Well, try something creative. It may get here attention. Walk by her and stop her and say "Excuse me miss, but I just thought you were so beautiful and I was wondering if you would be down to play a quick game for a quick kiss." then play rock paper scissors. if you lose, just say "you know what? forget the game, come here" and see if she responds with inviting smiles. If she does, you got a kiss and probably a number.

    The trick is to be totally confident, but respectful at all times. If she does not want to kiss you, then sorry dude, you tried but it did not work out :/

    I hope you will use this the right way by the way.

    • I saw that video. I thought it was creepy haha

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    • Well okay dude. It's your call. You are the one in the situation. I am glad you found someone special. Good luck with whatever you end up doing :)

    • Good luck to you. I wish you the best.

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  • well , compliment her , tell her she looks beautiful and would like to get to know you


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  • Do you want a date or are you just looking for sex? That's something you should consider.

    • Well I would like to have both, start out with a date and then lead into sex.

    • I don't really date, but I usually just go up and be totally frank. I tell her I think she's gorgeous and I'd like to take her out sometime. I get as many rejections as I get numbers though, which is fine because I'm shameless. Make sure you introduce yourself. Act confident, but humble. If you come off as a cocky ass you can kiss that woman goodbye... not literally.