Should I reach out or will he come around?

Me and this guy have been talking off and on for two months, I assumed he did not want a relationship with me but would text me all day everyday and call me almost every day.
just last week he got upset/jealous over something I said and so I called him out by saying that it was my way of protecting myself and holding back cause it's what I felt he wanted. It ended w him saying that he didn't want to be w me that he's a bad person to be with..
But that it's just that "he still wants to talk to me"

I really like him and care about him. But why would he basically dump me then say that? He had me blocked on snapchat and unblocked me yesterday while he's been watching my snap storys the whole time.
Should I let him be the one to reach out or should I do it? It's been a week so far with no contact


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  • Maybe he genuinely likes you as a person and wants to continue to be your friend.

    • I feel that is true but why does he get upset if I bring up other guys etc and he try's to be affectionate. And I genuinely would like something more than friends w him 😕

    • Well now that you're talking to him, open a dialogue and see what he's feeling and share your thoughts as well. Healthiest response to this you can take.

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  • Try talk to him 😂