Does he like me or did he found out that I like him?

I had suspicion that he liked me until today at lunch when his group of friends turned around laughing. Earlier in the day in class, we locked Eyes so I closed mother smiled and then looked away- continuously for the rest of class he kept fixing his hair and looking at me. What could his friends have been talking about? His best friend earlier in the week was whispering to him while staring at me and said something like "that's her?" Or somethibg

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  • I'm pretty sure that unless you told someone. He has no idea that you like him. His friends all looking at you and laughing is a good sign that he likes you. Next time depending on how bold you are. When they do it walk over to their table and teasingly say that you heard that someone there likes you. Sit down next to the guy you like and say that it is him that you hear likes you which is good because you like him.

    • Since you are a guy, why do guys turn around and laugh at girls? Is it because they know their buddy has a crush, or did he tell them that I like him? It was a whole table of guys and it was right after i smiled at him in class- because I'm friendly and wasn't trying to flirt.

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    • I told a few of my friends but haven't been obvious, i don't think. Why would they laugh tho? i swear there were signs that he liked me, but i guess not?

    • They are laughing because they are having fun. They are not laughing at you their laughing and having fun. Just like girls do but they giggle more and keep it down more. Think Vikings just having a good time drinking having fun and eating.

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  • Found out you like him

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