Is 4 months of hanging out too long to wait for him to ask me to be his girlfriend?

I would say we've kind of been getting to know each other the first 2 and the last 2 have been acting as a couple. He hasn't yet asked me to be his girlfriend? Should I be worried?

we Soend a lot of time together and have discussed not sleeping or dating anyone else, we go out on dates or stay in, he makes me dinner, we've talked about going on a camping trip.

should I wait it out? Or what's the cut off?


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  • Why not just ask him if you two are actually girlfriend and boyfriend now? Then you will find your answer and whether you should continue or cut it off :) :)

  • you guys have had discussion about not sleeping or dating anyone else.

    That simply means you guys are exclusive...
    If this still bothers you just ask him. maybe on 6th date. Since you two already agreed to not sleeping or dating anyone else, I don't see any problem him saying yes let's do this.