Any advice on boyfriend issues?

So I am dating this guy and he really is a sweet thing but he's so innocent and I'm so not. Not to mention my mom loves him and I know he really does love me. My ex boyfriend who also happens to be my first love wants me back but he has hurt me once before. I know people make mistakes but I am scared. I have been waiting for the day that he would say he wants me back for long over a year. I am lost on what to do right now... any advice?


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  • Let the past remain in the past. You tried it with the ex and it didn't work. If you have any doubt, dump a guy who cares about you and go back to somebody who is not right for you.


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  • Stick with your current boyfriend.
    I'm exactly like you now, current guy I been seeing now is super nice and good to me. and my asshole ex who hurt me begging me to death to come back.
    He hurt you. That's the fact. And he will hurt you again. You guys broke up for a reason. I was with my ex for 4 years I loved him very much. It was a tough break up. But there's no way I'm getting back with my ex because I know how he hurt me and he will repeat the same shit again.
    Trust me it's not worth getting back with your ex. Very bad idea.


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  • yes dumb the nice guy
    for a guy that u know didn't work in the first time
    god can u kill me now


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  • So you're saying you want to go with the guy who took a year for him to figure out that he liked you or wants you back...

    Stay with the nice guy plus it's fun to corrupt the innocent­čśĆ

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