Do you think mind games ruin dating?

With the way texting and social media being as prevalent as they've become, do you think mind games, especially with texting, have ruined dating?

Now not everyone plays mind games but I think when things get screwed up because one failed to understand one's mind games, whether they texted too much or didn't text enough, that it can cause them to over analyze and read into things when talking to other women in the future.

This is partly why I hate texting. Sometimes you can send a person a message and it'll say they saw it but don't reply and cause someone to think oh they're ignoring me when really they could be busy, not know what to say at the time, etc.

You don't have to text someone every day 24/7 but if there's interest on both sides, there should be initiation coming from both sides, not one acting completely cold and make the other person miss them and do all the work.

Its not not a black and white thing. It's not either the person is clingy or a flake but the whole idea of playing mind games in order for someone to win your heart just seems like bullshit and makes a person feel like they're constantly walking on eggshells over the smallest things.


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  • It completely ruins it. If someones not texting the other it makes them wonder whats wrong. Especially since people have starting ghosting

    • Exactly. It just leads to a lot of over analyzing and reading into things.

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  • Yes. I had an ex boyfriend who's girl mate told him to stop replying to my text straight away because it's good to leave it a while however I told him if he did that at the beginning we wouldn't have been together 3 years down like cow I don't stand for mind games or being messed around which i technically think it is

    • Yeah I mean needing to be in contact with someone 24/7 and sending an extra text or pic to get attention is clinginess. Sending a text every other day or responding right away sometimes is not.

      It's pathetic that people play these games and cause people to walk on eggshells and feel like they need to adhere to them going forward with other people.

  • I love you!!! Finally someone who said the truth!!

    • Thanks. Yeah it's almost like we're expected to show no interest at all otherwise were clingy.

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    • Yeah I hate feeling like I'm walking on eggshells with people too.

    • Exactly!! They think people are toys to play with

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  • Yes, yes I do.

  • I enjoy playing mind games. I eventually win and the woman retreats and finds someone else. Pussy.

    • So people who don't play mind games are pussies? Did I read that right?

    • It was a facetious comment. No they are mature and sensible people.

    • haha with the internet, you can never tell at times