Girls, She wants to take it slow? What does that mean?

I started dating a girl a month ago and everything was great. She started saying cute things like "oh I see you in my future, can't wait for us to be together, I wish I can live with you, at first I thought you friend-zoned me lol etc..."

On the forth Sunday, I introduced her to my friends as my girlfriend, thinking she would be flattered, but it actually backfired. She got anxiety and started acting different. She finally told me that comment made her uneasy, and she's not ready for a relationship. However, she doesn't want to live without me because I make her feel like she's worth something. This confused the heck out of me, and we got into a fight and I broke up with her because I felt she's wasting my time...

I apologized the day after and told her that I'm fine with taking it slow. It took her a weekend to think about it, and she said she's good with taking it slow. However, now the texting, snap chatting, and phone calls have dropped. Most guys would say "Move on, what's the point of waiting. she is wasting your time", but I want a woman's opinion.

I don't mind waiting as long as she's putting the effort. Acting indifferent and ignoring is childish and I don't want to go there. It hasn't been long yet, plus she's in school, but I see her posting on FB and insta, so she clearly has time but I feel de-prioritized. I feels like she's slowly pulling away...

What should I do? Does taking it slow mean we're not exclusive and only friends?


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  • She's probably trying to sort out her feelings. To be sure if she's ready to go all the way and be exclusive with you. You should be patient but she should be aware that you won't wait forever. The less pressure you give, the better. But be clear on your feelings towards her and don't cause her to assume all sorts of things

  • Seriously she is so dramatic.
    Why would she bother telling you she sees you in her future and all that bullshit? And now that you willing to step up and be the man and she's playing that shit?
    She really doesn't deserve you.
    I think she just playing with you I mean she wants to be with you dating you yet she doesn't want that label. I don't get that. Plenty girls here worrying about their date hasn't labeled them yet. They worrying because they care about their guys and like them. Your girl doesn't seem like seeing you as one.
    Either just be patient and give her some time or find someone else who wants to have a relationship with you.

  • No.. I believe she just got nervous and needs time to regroup.. she was overwhelmed.. but to be completely honest u having a heart to heart with her should do the trick.. I think at this time if you bring up to her what you just said here.. I think she would be honest and explain her fears. And it'll give u the option to stay or go completely. Good luck luv