Well I just found out that my boyfriend?

I just found out that my boyfriend went out with a 13 year old wen he was 17 I'm weirded out =/ really creeped out I don't know if I should say something or keep my mouth my shut.?


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  • do you know if he did anything with this girl?

    If he did anything with her sexually then yeah, you need to tell somebody, like the cops. Or Chris Hansen.

    If not and it was just an innocent flirting thing and he had honorable intentions it is probably not a big deal.


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  • Hello

    eerrr, a few questions, how long was he with her, how old did he think she was, and when did he do when he found out. and how old is he now

    if answers are, he dated her for about 2 weeks, he though she was 16 but she told him one day she wasn't so he freeked and ran to the hills as fast as his legs would carry him and he's now in his mid to late 20's so it was one of those

    "and that's why I always ask for ID" storys

    I could sorta forgive him becouse I'm sure the experiance freeked him out as well

    however if that isn't what he told you then I would prob fun for the hills myself

    Good Luck


  • It's a bit weird but don't let that creep you out. I don't think it should be a concern because age is nothing but a number. Although some look down upon it. The fact that he did have a relationship with someone that younger regardless of what people said shows that he is worthy. I don't know him but that's how it comes across as rather than "omg eww get away". I think you should bring it up if it continues bothering you. Just ask about their relationship and his intentions at the time that's all.


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  • Just let it go. It's in the past, everyone has one.