Am I asexual? I never had a crush on anyone in my entire life?

Am I asexual? I'm already 14 and I never had a crush on anyone my entire life. I have like 1 or 2 guy friends and I liked them and thought it was considered a "crush" if I liked them but it turns out I would never feel like kissing them or going on a date. And I like them the same way as I like my friends that are girls. (And no I do not have feelings for girls either). I usually hang out with girls and rarely talk to guys. I never had a crush on anyone before and I know it. But I don't want to be single forever. I actually do want to date someone. Well not right now because I want good grades in highschool but I want some in the future. I did have a few guys crushing on me and giving me chocolates but I didn't like any of them. Not really any reason I just didn't feel like dating them for some reason... I have no idea what the reason was. I have a crush on like no one. And I also have another question, do my marks lower if I date in highschool? And when can I date cause I heard University is really busy and there's no time for that. But if I could I would rather get one in University. I don't know why, I have a crush on like nobody. Is this normal? Do you have any tips?


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  • You still too young to be sure, at your age asexually is less rare, then it's in more adult ages.

    • Thank you for telling me! :) Are you almost sure I will like someone in the future?

    • How can I be sure about it? I can't say that it's a good sign if you didn't felt that yet, but it's too early to know for sure that want be able to feel it when you get little older, but for now you are asexual, simply in you case, it's still not too late for in to change. :)

    • Okay thank you! :)

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  • I literally never had a crush on a boy until I was 19 and met my current boyfriend. It could just b no one caught your attention

    • Woah! Your so lucky your crush liked you back!!!

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    • Nice!!! :) Well good luck then! :3

  • You're normal. Your body is going through puberty. Give it a couple of years and see how you feel.

    I didn't start crushing until 15 or 16...

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