If he says "She's too extroverted for me" mean?

My crush was telling our mutual friend that he feels im too extroverted for him.

What does that mean by that?

And he's a introvert himself.

Is that a deal breaker?


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  • Those are great questions. Typically, girls are more extroverted than guys and they are outgoing, social, and want to have lots of relationships where they can be around others and be able to confide in people and tell them whatever'as on their mind. Guys tend to be more introverted. All of this is just a generalization, but it seems to be very common.

    Introverted guys commonly have these opinions of extroverted girls. One, guys will find the girl as fun and entertaining, and admire her for being extroverted, and even envious. It doesn't bother them at all. Second, guys may feel intimidated. Extroverted girls who are social, active, and outgoing can make some introverted guys feel inadequate, stupid, inferior, etc., because compared to the girl, they're loners and don't have lots of friends. It looks like there's something wrong with the guy, like he's just a bump on a log and doesn't even have social skills. This type of guy will be down on himself and see himself as a loser compared to you.

    I see many successful relationships with introverted girls who are with extroverted guys. If the guy feels inferior and inadequate because he's not a social butterfly like his girl, the best thing the girl can do to him is to celebrate some of the wonderful qualities of his introvertedness, and there are many. He might be a deep thinker, analytical, organized, etc. If the girl and guy can appreciate each others' qualities and one doesn't belittle the other, then things can work out well.

    I think that when a relationship consists of an introvert and an extrovert, and they admire each other and can express this, there's a great chance of success. The worst relationship I've seen consist of 2 introverts, or 2 extroverts. When 2 people are so much alike, they either fight a lot or they don't know how to communicate with each other.

    Is it a deal breaker for you and your crush? Maybe not. Find out what it is about your personality that's "too" much for him. It might be something you don't even know about. Just have a safe talk with him about your different styles and personalities and what you like best about each other and what things rub you the wrong way. If you're both open minded, this can be a very valuable exercise. If it turns out that he's feeling inadequate because of the way he is, compared to the way you are, he just needs encouragement that he's just as valuable as you are, in his own ways.


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  • To the person that actually likes you back, you aren't "TOO" much of anything. You could be the loudest or quietest girl in the room and he'd still be attracted to you. This guy though is full of shit. Move on.


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  • Forget him for a while n consider me. Lol
    Obviously he has no interest.


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  • I'd assume it means you are too outgoing for him. You prefer to have have a social life , surrounded by people , whereas he doesn't.

    To be honest, I'd ask him rather than second guess what he means

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