Why can't women be a part of my life? Why can't I meet women like every other guy does? How do I cope with life and blend in society? Why me?

Am a 21 year old guy in colombia uni and i can't stop thinking about the fact that I've never had a girlfriend in my life. My family have advice me to focus on other things to get my mind off from this and I've tried to but it's impossible because all it takes for me to think about it is to see a guy and a girl talking or seeing a couple. Am 5:10 and 137 pounds and i look athletic. I've never had friends that were girls or been on 1 date and it's always bothered me because when i tried to initiate a conversation with them, They are always pushing me away verbally in ways like, Giving excuses for not wanting to talk to me. I've never had my first kiss or experienced a hug from a girl and am a virgin. I don't like when adult men tell me am too young to be worrying about that. They don't understand the fact that i don't have a female image in my life and turning a blind eye to the fact that women were never apart of my life is so damn bothersome and it depresses me most of the time. I can not think of anything else but this, I see so many couples whether they are happy or sad, At least they are not alone and they know even if they were alone, There is someone else out there for them and i wish that applied to me to but it doesn't. Women don't even want to be near me, I don't smell and i have good hygiene but this issue is making me feel very lonely because nothing ever changes. As the years progress, Nothing new happens at the slightest relating to meeting women. So many valentine has passed with me being alone and i never even had a female friend to go to prom with back in high school. My best friend that's a guy said he really doesn't know why girls dislike me so much. I've decided to do colombia uni online program because it hurts when i go outside and see so many guys and girls getting along and some are kissing, holding hands etc while am stuck like this for God knows why. How can i cope with everyday life as i see couples and i know there is no woman in my life?


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  • You aren't alone, because both men and women find it difficult to meet someone they can be in a relationship with

    Even couples you see around may not be happy together , because it's so difficult to maintain relationships. I hear of people breaking up now more than ever before

    Pursuing new things in life , and taking every opportunity that comes your way gives you more of a chancec to meet girls.


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  • I'm guessing since you aren't complaining about how you look then it must be just the lack of experience.

    I tell you I was 18 right after I graduated the very next day from high school did I do a lot to change because I knew if 4 years and a girl never noticed me then how will a girl ever notice me.

    What got me going was when I watched a drama and the advice was if you can't talk to a simple girl then how would you talk to the girl you love. Start small but I advise you to act fast; it harder to meet people once college is over.

    • you said act fast, but i've always tried to talk to girls till present. They don't seem to want my company. Do i have to act in a different way?

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    • I really don't know how to make female friends. They are always turning down my approaches. Is there a specific way i have to approach them?

    • Making it clear from the start you just want to be friends or boyfriend and girlfriend helps a lot from the start

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