Very confused and in need of some opinions about a guy, or an online slap to the face! Lol?

So at my job we got a bunch of new hiree's and what not. I ended up checking out the new guy briefly before serving my guests and thought to myself he wouldn't talk to me, like ever. Next thing I know he pops up next to me and introduces himself to me. Yadda Yadda, didn't read much into it, just thought he was polite at least.

Fast Forward, it's only been a week right and suddenly out of nowhere he changed. Like he would talk to me more, tells me he needs to give a nickname for me, and hugs me.

Yadda Yadda, he leaves and twenty minutes later I receive a text message from him. Talking about shifts or whatever, which then leads to a gazillion questions about me. He immediately adds me on every social media from my phone number even though he's had my number since he started working (he would place my number on group chats for shifts or whatever).

Fast forward two days of texting and he's a TEXTER I'm talking a ratio of 7-12 messages. And he'd tell me personal information like about his daughter and ex, and he tried to show he was a big fan of my favorite rapper but knew barely anything about him. He'd ask me more stuff like do I believe in signs or whatever (astrology) then out of the blue, irrelevant to the convo he asks me "have you ever been in a serious relationship before?"

And I answer no and crack a joke about how there's a junk load of fuckboys which is why I've never been in one, and NO REPLY. Like he goes to work and acts like he didn't ask that or whatever, or that he didn't reply to me despite the unfinished conversation we had. (we had another conversation going on)

What happened? I felt like he went from interested in me to nadda.

My guy friend says you only ask a question like "have you been in a serious relationship before" only if you're interested and that I should give him two weeks before you'll actually see anything.

Am I being stupid and he lost interest after my answer, or should I wait it out?

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  • The question was a test...
    To him you failed. Usually a question like "have you been in a serious relationship before" is trying to determine if you have the emotional capacity to have someone in your life. Or do you even know how to have a relationship. You response "suggested" to him that you do not have that capacity and that any more time with you is a waste of his time. Which would explain the 100 percent to going cold fish.

    • Is there any way to damage control this? I'm not incapable just never given the opportunity.

  • Forget him

  • Work relationships are a no no... never a good idea.


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